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Cannabis plants cultivated from autoflower seeds at Seed To Soul Cannabis have the ability to yield high-quality buds without the need for adjusting their light schedules or eliminating male plants. Often referred to as automatic seeds, they have already undergone much of the labor required to produce a harvest of unfertilized female flowers.

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Welcome to Seed To Soul Cannabis, your ultimate destination for premium autoflower seeds. Whether you’re an experienced grower seeking robust genetics or a novice grower just setting foot on the path of cannabis cultivation, our extensive range of autoflower weed seeds is sure to deliver fantastic yields and unmatched performance.

Unleashing the potential of autoflower seeds with Seed To Soul Cannabis

When it comes to cannabis cultivation, nothing holds as much importance as the quality and genetic makeup of your seeds. In the vast world of cannabis strains, our autoflower seeds reign supreme, featuring revered genetics from popular strains like Haze, Amnesia Haze, Northern Lights, and the notorious Purple Kush. Sourced from a network of reputable seed banks, we guarantee seeds of the highest quality, making Seed To Soul Cannabis the go-to choice for both seasoned and beginner growers.

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Unlike photoperiod plants, autoflowering cannabis plants offer a unique advantage – they don’t rely on a specific light cycle to transition into the flowering stage. This independence from light cycles saves growers the task of continually adjusting light periods. Moreover, their compact size makes them perfect for indoor growers dealing with space constraints, while outdoor growers can appreciate their simplified growth pattern.

Speedy growth and remarkable yields

With our autoflowering seeds, growers can experience a swift growth cycle – often taking just weeks from seed to harvest. This short period not only allows for multiple harvesting opportunities within a growing season but also results in quicker returns on your investment. Despite their fast growth, these plants don’t compromise on output – expect decent yields that would please even the most experienced cannabis grower.

Indoor vs. Outdoor: Cultivation made easy

Growing autoflower seeds is a rewarding endeavor, irrespective of your chosen environment. Indoor growers can take advantage of controlled conditions, optimizing light exposure and nutrient levels to maximize yield. On the flip side, outdoor growers can enjoy the natural growth cycle of cannabis, basking in the simplicity of autoflower plants that bloom without hours of light manipulation.

Unleashing the potential of autoflower seeds with Seed To Soul Cannabis

Our selection at Seed To Soul Cannabis extends beyond a few standard strains. We host a diverse range of seeds, from sativa-dominant Durban Poison to the heavy indica Hindu Kush, not forgetting high-CBD strains like Cannabidiol. Our collection features celebrated strains like Mango Kush, Afghani Indica, Blue Dream, and the beloved Girl Scout Cookies. With such a wide array of strains, you’re sure to find a unique blend of effects and experiences for every preference.

Here are some of the autoflowering cannabis seeds available on the market:

  • White widow autoflower

  • Northern Lights autoflower

  • Amnesia Haze autoflower

  • Bruce Banner autoflower

  • Jack Herer autoflower

  • Gorilla Cookies autoflower

  • Green Crack autoflower

  • Lambs Breath autoflower

  • Purple Lemonade autoflower

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Cultivation support: We’re here for you

At Seed To Soul Cannabis, we’re more than just a seed bank. We are a community. Whether you’re a novice grower needing guidance or an experienced cultivator seeking new strains, our team is here to support you. When you purchase autoflower cannabis seeds from us, you’re not just buying a product; you’re joining a community of cannabis enthusiasts dedicated to growing together.

Kick-start your cannabis cultivation journey with our selection of autoflower seeds. Each seed purchase from Seed To Soul Cannabis represents the beginning of an exciting endeavor. Our seeds, brimming with top-notch genetics and potential for high yields, offer something for every cultivator.

From the legendary strains like Purple Haze to new exciting variants, our selection of autoflower weed seeds caters to every cultivator’s needs.

Autoflowering plants are a marvel of cannabis genetics. Inherited from ruderalis plants, autoflower strains possess an intrinsic capability to flower automatically, without any dependence on the light schedule. This incredible trait makes them a popular choice among growers who value ease of growth and quicker harvest cycles.

The spectrum of autoflower weed seeds

The spectrum of autoflowering cannabis strains available at Seed To Soul Cannabis is diverse. From the sativa-dominant Amnesia Haze, known for its cerebral high and therapeutic effects, to potent strains like Bruce Banner that deliver heavy yields, our catalog hosts a strain for every discerning taste. Also, their compact size contributes to the versatility of autoflower cannabis plants, making them suitable for discrete cultivation spaces.

Decoding the shortened growth cycle of autoflowering plants

From weeks from seed to the final flowering stage, autoflowering plants undergo a shorter life cycle. Typically, after 2-3 weeks of vegetative growth, the plants enter the flowering stage regardless of the light schedule, often reaching harvest within 8-10 weeks. This is significantly faster compared to photoperiod plants, which depend heavily on light schedule alterations to transition between vegetative and flowering stages.

Buy autoflower seeds at Cannabis seeds outlet

Contrary to popular belief, training isn’t exclusive to photoperiod strains. Techniques like low-stress training (LST) can be safely employed on autoflowering plants, promoting the development of multiple bud sites and subsequently boosting yields. However, it’s crucial to perform training during the vegetative period, keeping in mind the shorter life cycle of autoflowering strains.

Optimizing nutrient levels for the growth of autoflower cannabis plants

Nutrients play a crucial role in cannabis growth, but autoflowering plants require a delicate balance. They thrive on a lighter feeding schedule, and nutrient deficiencies or nutrient burn can significantly hamper growth. For optimal growth, maintain an ideal nutrient level tailored to each growth stage, from vegetative to flowering.

Solving the light puzzle in autoflower cultivation

While autoflower strains are known for their independence from light schedules, they still require ample light for healthy development. Indoors, a daily light schedule of 18-24 hours during all growth stages can encourage vigorous growth and impressive yields. In outdoor cultivation, auto flower plants thrive under plenty of light, with the robust genetics of auto cannabis plants enabling them to withstand varying light intensity and hours of light.

Unleashing the potential of autoflower seeds with Seed To Soul Cannabis

Our collection of autoflower marijuana seeds includes a mix of feminized cannabis seeds, regular seeds, and autoflowering marijuana seeds, offering a comprehensive choice for growers. Feminized seeds ensure the growth of female plants, eliminating the need for sexing and providing an easier path to fruitful yields.

Incorporate Autoflower seeds into your grow

Whether you are an experienced or inexperienced grower, auto seeds offer unparalleled advantages. The speed from seed to harvest, ease of growth, and adaptability make them an excellent choice for beginners, while the ability to deliver multiple harvests in a season appeals to more seasoned cultivators. From compact plants perfect for indoor cultivation to robust strains for outdoor cultivation, our autoflower seeds for sale cater to every grower’s needs.

Buy autoflower seeds at Cannabis seeds outlet

Take a plunge into the world of famous strains with our autoflowering versions of classics like Haze. Unleash the potency of autoflowering cannabis strains, from hybrid strains known for balanced effects to THC-heavy yields of potent cannabis plants. Our high-quality seeds promise to deliver a unique cannabis cultivation journey, right from the ease of growth to the final impressive yields.

Join the cultivation revolution with autoflower seeds

Dive into a world of potent strains, impressive yields, and ease of growth with our autoflower seeds. Whether you are a novice grower or an expert cultivator, our reputable seed bank ensures that you embark on a successful cultivation journey. Don’t wait, join the revolution and experience the marvel of autoflower cannabis seeds today!

Unleashing the potential of autoflower seeds with Seed To Soul Cannabis

What is the downside to Autoflower seeds?

While autoflower seeds offer many advantages, they do present a few challenges. Due to their rapid growth cycle, autoflower plants have a limited window for nutrient uptake, which leaves little room for error in nutrient management or recovery from stress. Also, their yields, while decent, might not reach the levels of their photoperiod counterparts.

Are seeds from Autoflowers good?

Yes, seeds from autoflowers are excellent due to their stable genetics. Growers appreciate their predictable growth pattern and the ability to produce multiple harvests in a single season. Additionally, they offer a selection of autoflower cannabis varieties with long-lasting effects, from a creativity boost to relaxation.

Why are autoflower seeds so expensive?

Autoflower seeds are often more expensive due to the complexities involved in creating stable autoflower genetics. The breeding process requires time and expertise to ensure the preservation of desired traits while integrating the autoflowering characteristic. This effort is reflected in the price, making them an ideal choice for those seeking optimal growth and performance.

How many Autoflower seeds do I need?

The number of autoflower seeds you need depends on your cultivation space and desired yield. For a modest indoor setup, 4-6 plants would suffice, while outdoor growers may require more, depending on their available space. Remember, optimal growth and huge yields require ample space for each plant.

How much does 1 autoflower plant yield?

Autoflower plants, despite their compact size, can produce impressive yields. An experienced grower can expect around 50-150 grams per plant under ideal conditions. However, yield is highly dependent on factors such as light intake, nutrients, and strain genetics.

How much will a 100W LED autoflower yield?

With a 100W LED light, an autoflower plant can potentially yield between 0.5 to 1 ounce. This approximation assumes optimal conditions, but actual results can vary based on the plant’s genetics, nutrients, and care during the flowering process.

What is the highest yielding autoflower ever?

The highest yielding autoflower strains, such as ‘Auto Ultimate’ and ‘Big Bud’, can produce huge yields, with some growers reporting up to 200 grams per plant under optimal conditions. These strains are an ideal choice for growers prioritizing yield.

Is 20 hours of light too much for an autoflower plant?

No, autoflower plants can handle up to 24 hours of light per day due to their unique genetics. In fact, providing 20 hours of light can boost photosynthesis and potentially lead to higher yields compared to less light.

What are the highest yielding Autoflowers?

High-yielding autoflowers include strains like ‘Auto Ultimate’, ‘Big Bud’, and ‘Northern Lights Auto’. These strains offer huge yields, stable genetics, and a variety of effects, ranging from psychoactive to body relaxing.

What is the life span of an autoflower plant?

Autoflower plants typically have a life span of 8-10 weeks from seed to harvest. This period includes both vegetative growth and the flowering process, which is triggered automatically, not by changes in light cycle like their photoperiod counterparts.

How long do Autoflowers stay in flower?

Autoflowers generally stay in the flowering stage for 6-8 weeks. However, this can vary slightly based on strain genetics. The flowering process begins automatically once the plant reaches a certain stage of maturity, independent of light cycles.

How far should LED lights be from Autoflowers?

The distance between LED lights and autoflowers should be around 18-24 inches, depending on the light’s intensity. Too close, and you may risk light burn; too far, and your plants may not receive sufficient light for optimal growth. It’s essential to monitor your plants closely for signs of stress or light burn and adjust accordingly.