Florida Sunrise Seeds


  • THC LEVELS: 24%
  • CBD LEVELS: 0.2%
  • VARIETY: Mostly Sativa
  • FLOWERING TIME: 8-10 Weeks
  • FLAVOR: Fruity, Sweet
  • EFFECTS: Energetic, Euphoric, Uplifted
  • Germination guaranteed when you follow our step-by-step germination guide.
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THC LEVELSHigh (20 - 25%)YIELD INDOOR100 to 300 grams
CBD CONTENTLow (0 - 5%)YIELD OUTDOOR500 to 700 grams
FLOWERING TIME10 Weeks, 9 Weeks, 8 WeeksEFFECTSEnergetic, Euphoric, Uplifted
SEXFeminizedDIFFICULTY LEVELUnits of Measurement
VARIETYMostly SativaWHERE TO GROWIndoor, Outdoor

Florida Sunrise Feminized is a premium cannabis strain that boasts a unique blend of tropical flavors and uplifting effects. This sativa-dominant hybrid is the result of expert breeding, combining genetics from legendary strains to create a sun-kissed, citrusy experience. With its high THC content and balanced CBD levels, Florida Sunrise Feminized is a popular choice for both recreational and medicinal users. The strain’s energizing and creative properties make it ideal for daytime use, while its stress-relieving and mood-enhancing qualities provide a serene, relaxing experience.

Florida Sunrise’s origins of feminized strain seeds may be traced back to Florida’s lush, tropical environment. This sativa-dominant hybrid is the product of careful breeding, combining the genetics of well-known strains such as Florida Orange and Florida Haze. Florida Orange is well-known for its mouthwatering citrus tastes and uplifting effects, and Florida Haze, a member of the legendary Haze lineage, offers intellectual and euphoric properties.

Florida Sunrise Feminized seeds have been carefully chosen and stabilized over numerous generations by skilled growers to assure consistent growth patterns, potency, and taste profiles. This uncommon variety not only pays tribute to its Florida heritage but also provides a different cannabis experience in a congested market.

Growing Florida Sunrise strain seeds may be a pleasant experience for both rookie and professional growers. To attain the best outcomes, the necessary atmosphere, nutrition, and care must be provided throughout the development cycle. This strain thrives in warm, sunny temperatures that are similar to those in its natural Florida home. It may, however, be cultivated inside under controlled circumstances with enough light and temperature regulation.

Start by growing the seeds in a warm, moist atmosphere. After the seedlings have sprouted, place them in well-draining soil or an appropriate hydroponic system. During the vegetative stage, make sure the plants get enough light, preferably 18 hours a day. Keep stable temperatures between 70 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit (21 and 29 degrees Celsius) and manage humidity levels to avoid mold and bugs.

Expect larger plants with greater internodal spacing since Florida Sunrise is a sativa-dominant breed. Frequent pruning and training procedures like topping, LST (low-stress training), and SCROG (screen of green) may assist in managing plant height and stimulate bushier growth with better yields. Check fertilizer levels and adjust as required throughout the vegetative and blooming periods to provide a balanced mix of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

The Florida Sunrise strain has an impressive assortment of effects that appeal to a wide spectrum of cannabis aficionados. It is well-known for its energetic and uplifting effects as a sativa-dominant hybrid, making it a good option for daytime consumption.

Users often feel a cerebral high that clears brain fog, sharpens attention, and promotes creativity. The energizing properties of this strain make it great for handling activities, indulging in creative endeavors, or just chatting with friends.

Florida Sunrise has mood-enhancing characteristics that help ease stress, anxiety, and moderate depression, in addition to its energizing benefits. Users experience exhilaration and a general feeling of well-being, making this strain a popular option for individuals looking for respite from everyday tensions.

Also, the strain’s balanced CBD level adds to its relaxing effects, which may help manage mild aches and pains without inducing drowsiness. Florida Sunrise is a unique and delightful cannabis experience for consumers seeking both recreational and therapeutic advantages due to its blend of cerebral clarity, bodily ease, and colorful tropical tastes.

Germinating Florida Sunrise strain seeds is an important step in starting your cannabis-production adventure. Good germination enhances the chances of producing healthy seedlings and, eventually, robust plants. To increase your chances of good germination, follow these steps:

Begin by collecting your materials, which should include tweezers, clean water, a paper towel or coffee filter, and a sealable plastic bag or container.

Soak the paper towel or coffee filter in clean water until it is moist but not soaked. This results in a humid environment that encourages germination.

Place the Florida Sunrise seeds on the wet surface using tweezers, spreading them out evenly to prevent congestion.

Fold the paper towel or coffee filter over the seeds to completely cover them and keep them in touch with the moist material.

Place the folded paper towel or coffee filter containing the seeds gently into the sealable plastic bag or container, taking care not to disturb the seeds.

Place the bag or container in a warm, dark environment with a steady temperature of 70-85°F (21-29°C). Avoid exposing the seeds to direct sunlight or temperature changes, since this might inhibit germination.

Keep an eye on the seeds on a regular basis, making sure to keep the paper towel or coffee filter wet. If it starts to dry out, gently re-moisten it with a tiny bit of water.

The seeds should emerge within 3-10 days, exposing small taproots. The germinated seeds are ready to be transferred into their growing medium when the taproots attain a length of around 0.2-0.4 inches (5-10mm).

You may build the basis for a good Florida Sunrise growing experience by following these procedures and ensuring a suitable environment for germination.

The yield of Florida Sunrise strain seeds varies based on a number of variables, including the growing environment, plant care, and cultivating practices. Nonetheless, when cultivated under the appropriate circumstances, this sativa-dominant hybrid may provide large yields.

Indoors: Florida Sunrise may generate 1.2 to 1.6 ounces (35 to 45 grams) per square foot when grown indoors. To get the best results, keep the light, temperature, and humidity constant, and use correct pruning and training methods like topping, LST, or SCROG to maintain the plant’s height and stimulate bushier growth.

Outside: Florida In optimum circumstances, Sunrise plants cultivated outdoors may produce even larger yields, ranging from 16 to 21 ounces (450 to 600 grams) per plant. This variety thrives in warm, sunny settings, similar to its home in Florida. Put the seeds in nutrient-rich, well-draining soil and provide adequate sunlight to the plants throughout the day.

Appropriate maintenance, pest control, and environmental monitoring may all have a substantial influence on the total output of outdoor-grown plants.

Florida Sunrise strain seeds have a very quick blooming period for a sativa-dominant hybrid, often spanning between 8 and 10 weeks. The strain’s professional breeding and carefully chosen genetics, which contributes to its distinctive traits and development patterns, have resulted in a shorter blooming time. The plants will produce distinct, thick buds coated in fragrant trichomes throughout the blooming period, radiating a delectable tropical scent.

Monitor the trichomes on the buds using a magnifying glass or microscope to identify the best harvest time. As the bulk of trichomes become hazy, with some turning amber, it’s time to harvest for the optimal combination of potency, flavor, and effects. Throughout the blooming period, paying careful attention to the plant’s signals will assure a high-quality harvest of Florida Sunrise cannabis.

The ideal atmosphere for growing Florida Sunrise strain seeds is one that closely reflects its original habitat in Florida’s Sunshine State. This sativa-dominant hybrid grows best in warm, sunny regions with plenty of light and constant temperatures. Outdoor conditions for this strain should be between 70 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit (21 and 29 degrees Celsius), with moderate humidity levels to avoid mold and insect infestations.

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