Sour Mac Seeds


  • THC LEVELS: 25%
  • CBD LEVELS: 0.2%
  • VARIETY: Mostly Indica
  • FLOWERING TIME: 8-10 Weeks
  • FLAVOR: Citrus, Earthy, Woody
  • EFFECTS: Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed
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  • Germination guaranteed when you follow our step-by-step germination guide.
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THC LEVELSHigh (20 - 25%)YIELD INDOOR500 to 700 grams
CBD CONTENTLow (0 - 5%)YIELD OUTDOOR700 grams and up
FLOWERING TIME10 Weeks, 9 Weeks, 8 WeeksEFFECTSEuphoric, Happy, Relaxed
HARVEST MONTHAll SeasonFLAVOURCitrus, Earthy, Woody
SEXFeminizedDIFFICULTY LEVELUnits of Measurement
VARIETYMostly IndicaWHERE TO GROWIndoor, Outdoor

Sour Mac Feminized is an exceptional cannabis strain that resulted from the cross of two renowned parents, Sour Diesel and MAC (Miracle Alien Cookies). The pungent scent and energizing properties of Sour Diesel are combined with the strength and resinous buds of MAC in this hybrid strain. Sour Mac Feminized is a popular choice among cannabis fans looking for a well-rounded experience since it provides a nice blend of intellectual stimulation and physical relaxation.

Sour Mac strain seeds may be traced back to cannabis farmers’ purposeful breeding efforts. This strain was created by crossing two highly rated parent strains: Sour Diesel and MAC (Miracle Alien Cookies). 

The pungent scent, energetic qualities, and uplifting cerebral high of Sour Diesel, a typical sativa-dominant strain, are well recognized. MAC, on the other hand, is a strong indica-dominant hybrid with thick buds, abundant resin production, and a sweet and earthy taste profile.

Breeders hoped to produce a new cultivar that would exhibit the greatest attributes of Sour Diesel and MAC by merging the good traits of both parent strains. Sour Mac strain seeds inherit Sour Diesel’s pungent scent, cerebral stimulation, and elevating effects, as well as MAC’s potency, resinous buds, and sweet tastes.

To properly produce Sour Mac strain seeds, you must first create an ideal atmosphere for their development. Begin by sprouting the seeds on a damp paper towel, then move them to a tiny pot filled with well-draining soil. During the blossoming period, provide plenty of light, either natural or artificial, to ensure a 12/12 light/dark cycle. 

During the vegetative period, maintain a temperature range of 68-80°F (20-27°C) and relative humidity of 40-50%, regulating humidity to 30-40% during blooming. Water the plants when the top inch of soil feels dry, and give them a balanced fertilizer solution appropriate for the different phases of growth. 

Prune and train the plants as needed to promote lateral growth and bud development. Regularly inspect the plants for pests and diseases and apply relevant preventative measures or remedies. When the trichomes have gone milky or amber, harvest and dry the buds in a cold, dark, and well-ventilated environment.

Sour Mac strain seeds provide a special combination of benefits that are widely desired by cannabis fans. This strain’s hybrid origin combines the best of both indica and sativa traits. Users should expect a powerful cerebral high followed by a calming body buzz after ingestion. The first effects of Sour Mac are frequently characterized by a euphoric and uplifting experience, that boosts mood and creativity. 

Users may report increased attention and energy, making it suitable for use during the day. The indica component of Sour Mac becomes increasingly obvious as the high unfolds, giving a deep sensation of relaxation and bodily peace. This strain is frequently lauded for its capacity to relieve stress, anxiety, and tension while also generating a peaceful and calming frame of mind.

Germinating Sour Mac strain seeds is a crucial step in starting successful growth. There are a few methods you can employ to germinate the seeds. One popular method is using the paper towel technique. Begin by moistening a paper towel and placing the seeds evenly spaced on it. 

Fold the paper towel over the seeds, ensuring they are covered but not pressed tightly. Next, place the paper towel with the seeds in a sealable plastic bag and keep it in a warm and dark area. Check the paper towel regularly to ensure it remains moist. Within a few days, the seeds should sprout taproots. 

Once the taproots have emerged, carefully transfer the germinated seeds to a growing medium such as soil or rockwool cubes, making sure the taproot is facing down. Gently cover the seeds with a thin layer of the medium and provide them with appropriate light and humidity conditions to continue their growth journey.

The yield of Sour Mac strain seeds can vary depending on several factors, including growing conditions, cultivation techniques, and the expertise of the grower. When cultivated indoors, Sour Mac has the potential to produce a moderate to high yield. With the right setup, including proper lighting, nutrient regimen, and climate control, indoor growers can expect to harvest around 400-600 grams per square meter.

When grown outdoors, Sour Mac strain seeds can thrive in a suitable climate with plenty of sunlight and a longer growing season. In optimal outdoor conditions, each Sour Mac plant can yield approximately 500-800 grams or more. However, it’s important to note that outdoor yields are influenced by environmental factors such as weather, temperature fluctuations, pests, and diseases.

The flowering period for Sour Mac strain seeds is approximately 8 or 10 weeks. This time span indicates the time between the start of flowering and the harvest. The actual flowering period will vary based on the genotype and environmental circumstances under which the plants are produced.

Indoor gardeners should anticipate Sour Mac plants finishing their blooming stage in 8 to 9 weeks. Before beginning the harvest, it is important to closely watch the trichomes and observe the required level of maturity.

The flowering time for Sour Mac in outdoor cultivation might last up to 10 weeks or somewhat longer, depending on the local environment and weather conditions. To identify the best harvest period, consider geographical conditions like temperature, sunshine availability, and potential early frost.

Sour Mac strain seeds thrive in a Mediterranean-like climate. It prefers a temperate climate with moderate humidity levels and abundant sunshine. Ideally, the recommended climate for growing Sour Mac is characterized by warm summers and mild, frost-free winters.

In terms of temperature, Sour Mac performs best in a range of 68-80°F (20-27°C) during the vegetative phase. However, during the flowering stage, a slightly cooler temperature range of 65-75°F (18-24°C) is ideal to enhance resin production and preserve terpene profiles.

The strain benefits from a lot of direct sunlight, so a location with long, sunny days is preferable. Aim for at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight daily to promote healthy growth and maximize yields.

While Sour Mac can tolerate some variations in climate, it’s important to avoid excessive humidity, especially during the flowering stage, as high moisture levels can increase the risk of mold and mildew development. Adequate airflow and ventilation are essential to prevent humidity-related issues.

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