Frosted Winter Mix Pack


  • Icy-Cool Feminized Seeds
  • Snow Ripper Feminized
  • Snow White Feminized
  • Frosted Guava Feminized
  • Frosty Blue OG Feminized
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Discover the Frosted Winter Mix Pack, an exquisite selection of four premium cannabis strains, each encapsulating the serenity and frosty allure of winter. This medley brings together potent genetics and unique terpene profiles, offering a distinct taste and effect from each variant. Experience the tranquil relaxation, mental invigoration, and sensory delight that awaits in every frost-kissed bud. Perfect for enthusiasts and connoisseurs, the Frosted Winter Mix Pack is a winter wonderland in cannabis form, ready to add warmth to the coldest nights.

Snow Ripper Feminized

Snow White Feminized

Frosted Guava Feminized

Frosty Blue OG Feminized


Snow Ripper Feminized Strain

Introducing the Snow Ripper Feminized Strain, a fascinating and unique hybrid that marries the legendary lineage of Ginger-Ale and Afghan strains. This magnificent strain stands tall with impressive THC content that can reach up to 22%, promising an immersive and deeply fulfilling experience for seasoned cannabis enthusiasts.

Born from the spicy and uplifting Ginger-Ale and the deeply relaxing Afghan, Snow Ripper carries forward the best traits of its parents. It offers a symphony of complementary effects – sparking cerebral stimulation from Ginger-Ale, while the Afghan heritage provides a profoundly calming, full-bodied relaxation.

The yield of Snow Ripper is another highlight, impressing growers with its prolific productivity. As a feminized strain, it’s designed to produce only female plants, maximizing your potential for a bountiful harvest. This strain is adorned with snowy trichomes, reflecting its potency and frosty namesake.

Snow White Feminized Strain

Meet the enchanting Snow White Feminized Strain, an extraordinary hybrid cultivated from the illustrious lineage of White Widow and Northern Lights. This sophisticated blend boasts a robust THC content of up to 19%, promising a magical and comprehensive cannabis experience even for the most discerning connoisseur.

Drawing from the potent genetic pool of its legendary parents, Snow White presents an enchanting array of effects. It offers a perfect fusion of the cerebral uplift and euphoria inherited from White Widow, alongside the deeply soothing, full-body tranquility passed down from Northern Lights.

Snow White doesn’t fall short in terms of yield either, being a feminized strain specifically bred to ensure almost all plants will be flowering females. The harvest is plentiful, making it an appealing choice for growers. Its buds, coated with a dense layer of frosty trichomes, truly reflect the beauty and potency of this strain.

Frosted Guava Feminized Strain

Unveiling the Frosted Guava Feminized Strain, an exotic hybrid that combines the robust traits of Guava and Frosted Skywalker strains. This strain boasts an impressive THC content of up to 22%, providing a powerfully engaging and satisfying experience for cannabis veterans and novices alike.

Frosted Guava harnesses the best of its unique parent strains. The invigorating cerebral stimulation inherited from Guava blends harmoniously with the soothing, full-body tranquility provided by Frosted Skywalker. This concoction of effects promises a balanced journey, oscillating between energetic uplift and serene relaxation.

As a feminized strain, Frosted Guava is engineered to produce nearly all female plants, resulting in a fruitful yield. Growers can anticipate a bounty of dense buds blanketed in a frosty layer of trichomes, a testament to this strain’s high potency and visual appeal.

Frosty Blue OG Feminized Strain

Introducing the Frosted Guava Feminized Strain, a masterful blend that incorporates the legendary Jack Frost and Blue Monster strains. This powerhouse hybrid offers a substantial THC content of 20%, guaranteeing a profound and engaging experience for cannabis enthusiasts across the spectrum.

The genetic prowess of Frosted Guava is reflected in its diverse effects. The cerebral energy and creativity associated with Jack Frost meld harmoniously with the soothing and restorative full-body relaxation characteristic of Blue Monster. The resulting symphony of effects provides a balanced, full-spectrum cannabis experience that both invigorates and relaxes.

Cultivators will appreciate Frosted Guava for its feminized nature, intentionally bred to produce almost entirely female plants and thereby maximizing potential yield. This strain promises a generous bounty of dense, trichome-frosted buds that shimmer with potency and aesthetic appeal.

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