Kush Mints Seeds


  • THC LEVELS: 27%
  • CBD LEVELS: 0.5%
  • VARIETY: Mostly Hybrid
  • FLOWERING TIME: 8-10 Weeks
  • FLAVOR: Mint, Pine
  • EFFECTS: Happy, Hungry, Relaxed
  • Germination guaranteed when you follow our step-by-step germination guide.
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THC LEVELSVery High (Over 25%+)YIELD INDOOR500 to 700 grams
CBD CONTENTLow (0 - 5%)YIELD OUTDOOR500 to 700 grams
FLOWERING TIME8 Weeks, 9 Weeks, 10 WeeksEFFECTSHappy, Hungry, Relaxed
SEXFeminizedDIFFICULTY LEVELUnits of Measurement
VARIETYMostly HybridWHERE TO GROWIndoor, Outdoor

Kush Mints Feminized is a popular hybrid cannabis strain that is known for its sweet and minty aroma. This strain is a cross between two famous strains, OG Kush and Animal Mints, and is loved by many for its balanced effects. Kush Mints Feminized has a high THC content, which ranges between 20% and 28%, making it an ideal choice for experienced users. It has a relaxing and uplifting high that is both physically and mentally calming, making it a great option for those who need to unwind after a long day. This strain is also ideal for medicinal use, as it can help relieve symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and pain.

Kush Mints feminized strain seeds are a hybrid of two well-known strains, OG Kush and Animal Mints. The well-known indica-dominant strain OG Kush is said to have originated in California.


It is popular for both recreational and medical purposes because of its powerful, pungent scent and soothing effects. Animal Mints, on the other hand, is a hybrid strain with a sweet, minty scent as well as uplifting and energetic qualities.

The cross of these two strains resulted in Kush Mints, a hybrid strain beloved for its balanced effects and distinct scent. This cultivar is popular among farmers because of its high yields and simplicity of growth.

Growing Kush Mints strain seed is a simple operation that can be done both inside and outdoors. It is suggested to employ a hydroponic system while growing indoors to enhance harvests and guarantee that the plants get the proper nutrients.

Kush Mints plants grow to a modest height, making them an excellent alternative for individuals with limited space. They have a quick blooming period of roughly 8-9 weeks and are noted for generating big yields of thick, trichome-covered buds.

When growing outside, it is important to choose a sunny spot with well-draining soil. Kush Mints may be cultivated in a range of settings, although they thrive in warm, temperate climes. During the developing period, it is critical to check the plants for pests and diseases, as well as to give them appropriate water and nutrients. Outdoor plants, when properly cared for, may provide yields of up to 500 grams per plant.

Kush Mints strain seeds have been characterized as balanced, soothing, and uplifting. Kush Mints is a powerful strain appropriate for experienced users, with a THC level ranging from 20% to 28%. It produces a calming body high that may help reduce physical stress and discomfort when ingested. At the same time, it delivers a clear-headed, pleasant cerebral buzz, which may assist in raising mood and lessening anxiety and depression symptoms.

Kush Mints are an excellent choice for individuals looking to rest after a long day since their soothing effects may assist in quieting the mind and body, lowering tension, and fostering a feeling of well-being. It is also a popular option for those who suffer from chronic pain, since its pain-relieving benefits may aid with headaches, migraines, and muscle spasms.

Germinating Kush Mints strain seeds is a straightforward procedure that may be accomplished in a variety of ways. The paper towel technique, which involves soaking the seeds in water and then wrapping them in a moist paper towel, is one of the most popular.

The paper towel should then be stored in a warm, dark spot, such as a cabinet or closet, and examined on a regular basis to ensure that it stays wet. After a few days, the seeds should sprout and be ready to be planted in soil or a hydroponic system.

Planting Kush Mints strain seeds directly in soil or in a hydroponic system is another common way to grow them While employing this approach, it is critical to keep the soil or hydroponic system moist but not wet, since this may lead to mold and other issues.

The seeds should be sown at a depth of around 0.5-1 cm and maintained in a warm, dark place until they sprout.

The yield of Kush Mints strain seeds can vary depending on several factors, including the growing method, the environment, and the care and attention given to the plants.

When grown indoors, Kush Mints plants typically yield between 500-600 grams per square meter. This is a relatively high yield for indoor growing and is due in part to the plant’s fast flowering time of around 8-9 weeks.

When grown outdoors, the yield of Kush Mints strain seeds can be even higher, with plants capable of producing up to 500 grams per plant. Outdoor growing allows the plants to reach their full potential, and with proper care and attention, it is possible to achieve high yields of dense, resin-covered buds.

Kush Mints strain seeds have a very quick flowering period, often taking 8-9 weeks from the commencement of blooming to full maturity. Kush Mints are a popular option among producers because of their quick blooming period, which allows for numerous harvests in a single growing season.

The plants will begin to develop buds during the blooming period, which will progressively mature and grow more resinous over time. Kush Mints have a reasonably constant blooming time, and with adequate care and attention, it is feasible to create high-quality buds in a relatively short amount of time.

It is crucial to remember that the blooming period of Kush Mints strain seeds may be impacted by a variety of variables, including growing technique, environment, and plant care and attention.

Plants cultivated in a warm, stable climate with appropriate light and nutrients, for example, will normally blossom faster and provide larger yields than plants maintained in a less favorable environment.

Warm and temperate climates with reasonable humidity levels are ideal for producing Kush Mints strain seeds. Kush Mints plants are reasonably resilient and can be cultivated in a number of climates, although they thrive in areas with warm, sunny summers and moderate winters.

When growing outside, it is essential to choose a spot with lots of sunshine and well-draining soil. Since Kush Mints plants are sensitive to severe temperatures and excessive wetness, it is essential to keep the growth environment constant and devoid of unexpected variations.

Indoors, it is critical to maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level, as well as appropriate light and nutrients. Indoor cultivation provides better control over the growing environment, making it simpler to create ideal growing conditions.

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